Interview: S. L. Young Discusses His Inspirational Journey/Outreach on #OhMyGoff

award-winning educator, mental health advocate, social entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, author/writer, program executive, and radio host

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Mr. Young shares his inspirational story with Angie Goff (co-anchor on FOX 5 DC WTTG at 4 p.m.) on her show #OhMyGoff on 1/21/20.

Mr. Young tirelessly works to change minds/lives with his positive outlook, which is fueled by his belief that all of our stories matter.

Ms. Goff said about Mr. Young, "You are proof that there is true power in sharing your personal story.... it'll be a special show that I know will make an impact."

Mr. Young compares being on Goff's show (with co-host Brittany Alexandra) to being in one of the happiest places on earth, even if he got emotional discussing giving-back, mental health, and pushing to never give-up. / 800-273-8255

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