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S. L. Young discusses the importance of God and his faith during challenging times in his life on the Right to R.E.A.L. Love podcast with Jay Mayo on 8/11/15 (this is the unedited interview in its entirety).

​This powerful interview is for anyone who is going or has gone through a difficult period.  During this discussion, Mr. Young candidly shares the way his faith provided him with the strength to persevere during challenging times, along with bringing him closer to God during moments that it would have been easy to give-up.

Mr. Young shares during this interview that, "Purpose is the reason you're alive; faith is the test of your commitment, your tests (challenges) provide opportunities to give your testimony; heaven is the reward for being faithful."

​Information about Mr. Young's journey to deal with depression and near-suicide is detailed in his books "Choosing To Take A Stand: Changed me, my life, and my destiny" and "Turning Darkness Into Light: Inspiring Lessons After a Near-Suicide".

8/11/15 Interview: S. L. Young Discusses Maintaining Faith During Challenging Times

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