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Support Letter for Viraj Puri Creator of Bullyvention.com


I applaud your efforts to address, minimize, and prevent bullying!

Bullying behavior is mostly associated with schools; however, as included on your website, bullying can happen to anyone anywhere and at any age.  The sooner individuals are taught that bullying behavior is not acceptable --- the sooner unacceptable behavior can be stopped.

As the author of "Bullies...They're In Your Office, Too: Could you be one?" (which addresses workplace bullying), I'm glad that you're taking an active role to make a difference and prevent others from experiencing unnecessary abuse.

You're an excellent example that a single individual can make a positive difference!  Good Luck; I wish you the best with your efforts!

S. L. Young

Information on workplace bullying can be obtained in my book "Bullies...They're In Your Office, Too: Could you be one?", which details workplace bullying issues along with thoughtful solutions.