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Taking Advantage of a Suggestion

My cousin is a road-warrior who travels extensively across the U.S.  Occasionally my cousin visits my state during her travels, but she does not always let me know that she is in the area.  However, this time was different because my cousin sent me a text to let me know that she was in my state.  After reading the location in her text, I realized that my cousin was only about twenty (20) minutes away.  I immediately called and said that I would drive to her location before she left the state.

A few days after my cousin’s visit, she told me that I should contact SiriusXM to get on one of its programs.  After a brief consideration, I decided to contact the station the next day.

One of the program hosts I contacted was Maggie Linton from The Maggie Linton Show.  Ms. Linton returned my call about an hour after I left her a message.  I could tell immediately that Ms. Linton is an individual with a very positive attitude.  During our discussion, Ms. Linton and I briefly discussed my past educational challenges.  Then, Ms. Linton directed me to send her my book about overcoming my educational challenges.

A day later, I sent Ms. Linton a copy of my book, “Above Expectations – My Story: an unlikely journey from almost failing high school to becoming a college professor” as requested.  Also, I sent Ms. Linton a copy of all of my books to maximize my opportunity to be booked on her show.

A little over a week later, Ms. Linton scheduled me to be on her show the following Monday.  This was an incredible opportunity, which I took full advantage of during my first guest appearance on a nationally broadcasted program.

In a period of less than two (2) weeks, I went from an idea given to me to the idea becoming my reality.

My cousin planted a seed with the idea to contact SiriusXM, but I had to take action for the seed to grow.  If I did not take action at that moment, I might have missed a unique opportunity to have my moment in the sun.

If this isn’t good enough, there’s more…

After leaving the building after my appearance, I called my cousin to share this magical moment.  As my cousin and I spoke, a gentleman and his wife walked out the building not too far from me.  I quickly asked my cousin to hold on.  Then, I shouted across the parking lot, “Mr.Madison, Mr. Madison”!

While I was yelling I ran toward this gentleman who happened to be Joe Madison – a radio host.  I asked Mr. Madison if he would be willing to speak to my cousin who was a big fan, which he graciously did for several minutes.

I was very glad that I could do something special to repay my cousin for her suggestion, which led to an experience that she might never had experienced either.

​At times, it only takes a little bit of action to create a series of subsequent positive reactions.